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Playlist Schedule Management
Example: Weekly Schedule
SignageNow is our web-based remote management system for the Networked Series. It allows you to manage all your applications in one place. Not only can you organize your content, create playlists, generate usage reports, and make virtually any changes through your browser, but with our advanced playlist scheduling feature you can also assign multiple playlist sequences in as playset and apply them to the schedules of your choice. This feature gives you the power and flexibility to utilize your signs to show different product or service specials throughout the week, month, or even year at an ease.
The Advanced Scheduling features in three easy steps:
(1) Schedule Templates:
First, create and color-code a schedule template by choosing from a list of your existing playlists assigning each playlist a start and end time. For example, Weekday versus Weekend Menus.
Create Schedule Templates
(2) Create Daily Schedule:
Next, assign each template to an individual or designated group of sign(s) and select the desired days of the week for each template to play on them. For example, applying Monday Specials to the sign at the front door of your restaurant on Monday only.
Set Up Adavnced Schedule
(3) View Daily Schedule:
Lastly, you may view the Schedule Report anytime and a report like the first picture on this page will be generated within seconds.
Advanced Playlist Schedule Video Tutorial
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