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Digital Signage Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) uses PC as a media player under the infrastructure of Windows XP. Threfore, it requires large amount of CPU calculation to render images and videos as it is not desinged for H/W & OS, thus:

1. High service cost: PC uses fan for heat ventilation, uses moving parts such as HDD, these components may cause malfunction and increase maintenance cost.

2. High failure rate: Without UPS protection, PC will easily cause OS/HDD boot failure due to power blackout.

3. High maintenance: PC OS needs periodic register clean or OS recovery. Utilize DMP technology, Ceres-86's design has made Digital Signage appliance an easier device like TV, just turn it on and it starts. Comparison of an example on PC base TV, your PC will need to install TV card and wait OS boot and then TV program execution. More complicated procedure causes problems more frequently.

The "Digital Media Processor" technology is a high performance audio/video decoder processor. Unlike the PC based hardware systems' construction on heavy, bulky CPU heat sink and mass memory, the Digital Media Processor is fanless and uses less memory while provides even more stable audio/video performance and keeps your cost competitive.

DMP Player (Ceres-86)
SaaS Player
OS Embedded Linux Windows XP / Linux
Processor Digital Media Processor Pentium IV Processor
512MB RAM mins.
SVGA card with DVI connection & sound card
3rd Party Software No

- Java Virtual machine
- Windows Media Player 9
- Microsoft net framework 1.1
- Microsoft direct X 9.0
- Divx
- Clients are required to manually pre-install software or uninstall un-necessary software to increase the player's stability

Muti-Zone Display 4 x H/W Scalers Software Pre-render
Breaking News Real-time video insert with no rendering time Software
Power Consumption < 50 W > 250 W
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