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What is SignageNow?
A comprehensive web-based system made easy! No additional software installation is required. You can access all your signs from your computer at anytime from anywhere. It allows user the ability to edit template content and set playlist schedule; thus, allowing each digital signage player to download content and playlist control to perform updates. SignageNow also offers a user-friendly interface for template design. Users may upload and pre-designed contents for the player zone by zone. Then, setup playing time for each template by creating playlist schedules. Next, the player will display template contents according to the playlist schedule. No additional software installation is required. You can access all your signs from your computer at anytime from anywhere.
Control Your Signs Remotely In Just 3 Easy Steps  
  Main features of SignageNow include:
Signagenow Content Management Server
  • Network setting including WAN, LAN, DHCP, DNS
  • User account setting
  • User authority setting (display zone control setting ex. V, Px, IM)
  • New Template design
  • Ticker RSS link setting
  • Player group setting
  • Weather RSS setting
  • Alert display (EM Broadcasting)
  • Player on/off line status monitoring
  • Report log

Additional function needed?
SignageNow has been used by large numbers of our clients and is proven to be simple and easy to use through different types of industries and applications. However, if special customization is needed, our engineers will be happy to work with you case by case. If more than six hours of labor are required, additional charges will be applied.

Video Tutorials
Content Upload
Learn to upload differnt types of contents onto the server in this tutorial.
Playlist Creation
This tutorial walks you through the process of creating playlists
You will learn how to modify menu items and prices on the go.
Playlist Schedule
Learn how to use the playlist schedule function in Signagenow.
Sign Schedule
This tutorial shows you how to set up the schedules for each sign.
Advanced Playlist Schedule
Learn how to create schedules for week, month, up to a year base.
Find out how to display local weather to your signs in this tutorial.
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