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Why CornDigital?
Better Signage, Lower Price!
Advantages of Networked Digital Signage Solution - Ceres-86

(1) Less Cost – DMP Signage V.S. PC Signage
Our cutting-edge DMP (Digital Media Processor) signage appliances have no bulky CPU fan, no OS crash, less memory needed, less power consumption - only 20W compared to 300W of PC-based signages. Meanwhile, DMP signage provides 1080p HD stable audio/video performance with less cost that gives you the competitive edge.

(2) More Productivity – Easy Content Editing
The DMP Signage appliance comes with 4 independent scales. Video, images are input zone by zone separately thus no pre-render needed. As a result of less manual editing and rendering time, you gain more productivity and workforce efficiency.

(3) All-In-One CM Server – Content Management (CM) Server
CornDigital offers hosting service or pre-installed CM Server. Our CM server incorporates Router + Name server + DHCP server + DS server. This All-In-One CM Server can be yours for only the cost of the router.

(4) Dedicated Support - Engineering and Support in USA
Stationed in Los Angeles, we are able to provide timely engineering service & support. Including Mechanic Design, Hardware Design, and Data Base Connection...etc. We offered various digital signage solutions across North America with over 2000 successful installations in the past four years. We have the optimum winning combo – Low in cost, Fast to deliver, Design in USA, Made in Asia.

Ceres-86 DMP H/W Render Block
Ceres-86 DMP
Sample Templates
Multizone Display
Remark 1 :The calculation was based on Taiwan’s electricity supply which each 1W will dispense 0.00069kg Co2. Each country’s figures might be different depending on their electricity generator. Personal Computer was calculated as 300W basing on P4 processor :(300-50) x 0.00069kg x 8 Hours x 365 days = 503.7 Kg
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