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DMACC College Campus Enhances Communication and Security with Corndigital's Digital Signage

Corndigitalís digital signage installation at DMACC shows how school officials can communicate more effectively by directly delivering their messages to students.

Corndigital installed Digital E-Bulletin Boards at Various Campus Locations

Corndigital installed Digital E-Bulletin Boards at Various Campus Locations


Jul 21, 2009 – DES MOINES, IA — Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) is commencing a simulation run of a new EMS (Emergency Messaging System) on their West Campus this summer. Both of the EMS and digital signage are system from Corn Digital, a California digital technology firm.

The digital signage network installed last summer consists of more than 20 units of network capable all-in-one digital signage range from 17” to 42” in LCD screen size. The system is intended to keep students abreast of classroom information such as course title, instructor and schedule. Also included in the special segmented screen template is college news and information for campus visitors.  

“When I was looking for a digital signage solution, I checked out many vendors. I was looking for something in which I could display different content on multiple screens. Working for a large community college we had a need to easier display our various class room schedules and convey various information to our students, Corn Digital offered just that. With the ability to set a full week’s worth of scheduling I had finally found the solution I was looking for by setting the signage to display that days room schedule, advertisements for our café, and any number of other messages we need to get out to the student body. I see now that everybody is getting into digital signage, even some of the bigger companies such as CISCO, but I will stay and still recommend going with the one who was on the cutting edge of this technology, Corn Digital.” Noted Blayne Miller, the in charge network system analyst.

The DMACC system is managed by the campus IT staff, who logs onto his SignageNow administrator console over the Internet or LAN to a MS-1000 local server, which enable the college a total ownership of the system without having paying extra license fee and/or maintenance fee.

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