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Integrating POS and DMB (Digital menu board) Applications

As we see more and more digital menu board (DMB) application in quick-service restaurants and supermarkets, the need for a fully integrated feature of the DMB and point-of-sales (POS) system to maximize the benefits of in-store marketing also increases. There are two possible solutions of POS and DS integration:

First, allow database sharing between the POS and DMB applications. It will be more convenient to share the same database when there is a price/item update required. However POS data usually don't have image contents, whereas DS mainly focus on media contents. Therefore, such distinction must be clarified to users.

For example:
POS data - item name, item price
DS data - item name, item price, item images

Second, designate a specific DS screen zone to display POS information
Usually DMB features multi-zone displays. This solution designates specific zone in DMB as the second display for POS to display pricing or other textual information.

Corn Digital also offers a customization service that connects MS-2000 sign server and POS server and guarantee to satisfy client’s actual application needs.


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