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Traditional Authentic Restaurant Gets a New Look with Digital Menu Board

Authentic Mexican Food restaurant converted its static menus to dynamic marketing displays with a variety of specialties and promotional contents to attract customers, and allows other advantages such as web-based editable menus, schedulable playlists, scrolling tickers and many more features that provided flexibility to manage menu item, price, and promotions.

Quick service restaurant digital menu board

Corn Digital has recently installed digital menu board for Taqueria de Anda, an authentic Mexican restaurant started in 1980 which grew into another seven more popular locations in the Southern CA area. The restaurant owner at Taqueria e Anda saw the advantages of digital menu boards and decided to replace its traditional menu boards with the dynamic DMB. Even though the store menu itself only requires one screen, an additional set was placed for promotions and other marketing purposes.

These two 42Ē digital menu boards powered by Corndigitalís SignageNow has been installed above the register in front of the open kitchen ordering area to replace with the restaurantís traditional menu board. With the solution of two Ceres-88 digital media players and one MS-1000 sign server (manages up to 20 players), the new digital menus are up and running with informative contents attracting customerís attentions.

Since Corndigitalís SignageNow web based content management software allows businesses the flexibility of setting up desired any combination of day-part play list in an instant, now the restaurant managers can update contents anywhere with internet access. The digital poster can effectively attract customersí eye balls with carefully designed dynamic media contents; create great instant push for sales items. One display allows the restaurant to showcase its menu, and the other displays a variety of contents including specialty, promotional items, and even local events such as the upcoming Feliz Aniversario de Bicentenario De Independencia, Independence Day celebration festivals.

Not only did the digital menu boards gave the store a clean and neat look, it also allows the restaurant to communicate with its customers more efficiently with the limited space and communication channels. It is also a powerful vehicle to convey daily and weekly promotions to cause customers to return for more good deals. Moreover, digital menu boards not only helps restaurant owners to cut savings in printing cost, maintenance and replacement headaches, but also provides a more effective, efficient and direct communication with our customers day in and day out.

Restaurant Menu Board displaying Event News
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