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Digital Signage Hacked! Is Your Digital Signage Network Secure?

Your Digital Signage Solution can be hacked without a secure system installed, and hackers can easily access your signs to replace your contents with theirs. It is your responsibility to select a secure Digital Signage solution for your business, and Corn Digitla is here to safeguard your systems.

Secure Digital Signgae System

When you connect your digital signage network to the internet, the risks of your digital signage system being hacked is increasingly high. As a result, your system might be paralyzed for hours or even days when it was hacked. The recent devastated cyber attack was on one of the largest online retailer was an example, as a result, 24 million customers were required to reset their passwords.

Like all your other business applications, digital signage also requires to be secure and protected from hackers and unauthorized access. Since the system is being used in the public area for bulletin boards, restaurant menu boards, and other public displays, the likelihood of being attack is almost unavoidable. In the cases cyber attack, your display might be replaced with other sensitive materials. For example, one of the digital displays for tourist information was replaced with a porn video. Imagine that happening to your digital displays and the devastated affects it'll have on your reputation and business.

Like all your other IT solutions, your digital signage solutions too is vulnerable of hackers and virus, and it is your responsibility to protect your system so that it is secure. If you think using your computer to install your digital signage application is secure enough, think again! You need more than just a PC to protect your digital signage server from hackers. A secure digital signage server (MS-2000) and a hacker-free media player (Ceres-88) is the first and minimal security step you need to take in order to have a secure system.

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