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Digital Signage Sends Out Emergency Alert Messages

Digital Signage Applications can also be used as an emergency messaging alert medium to help increase campus safety and saves lives in times of emergency.

Digital Signage Emergency Instant Message
Sep 20, 2012 – Digital Signage can be a great medium to deliver instant messages to the audiences that it serves. A lot of businesses, hospitalities, government agencies, theme parks, sports arenas, schools, and many others are taking actions to incorporate emergency messaging with digital signage to make sure it can serve as a component of their overall strategy for responding to time sensitive emergencies.

Over the past few years, digital signage has gained its popularity in schools due to its capability to reach large number of audience within short period of time. Especially with the growing number of unfortunate events happened on campus around the nation in recent years, most campus already has its emergency messaging system in placed that send out text messages to students in cases of emergency events. Corn Digitalís digital signage system is capable of working with most campus alert systems to help schools incorporate digital signage to their campus not only as digital e-bulletin, digital menu, or digital poster, but also as an emergency messaging alert medium to help increase campus safety and saves lives in times of emergency.

With Corn Digitalís emergency alert messaging system, user can use it on-demand or as an override message to one or all of your digital signage displays. Using Corn Digitalís SignageNow server, users can create emergency messages for emergency purposes such as fire alerts, campus shooting, threatening weather, police alerts, etc. On the other hand, user can also choose the automated alert message system to override current media playlist for special event messages or emergency alert messages. Simply saves the Alert Systemís URL link to the digital signage server, and the server will retrieves XML alert messages sent out from the link and sends it to designated player based on a pre-defined time interval. The system will also resumes back to its regular schedule once the alert message has been removed from the XML alert messaging data.

Contact Corn Digital today to find out how you can incorporate digital signage into your current emergency preparedness plan and our how many of our other features can maximize your investment in digital signage network.

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