Contents/Scheduling Management System

(Ceres-086, 86TV, 200N)

A comprehensive web-based system made easy! No additional software installation is required. You can access all your signs from your computer at anytime from anywhere.

Control Your Signs Remotely In Just 3 Easy Steps
Instant Live Monitoring
Allows you to view what each player is currently playing at any time.
Multi-zone Display
The Ceres-86’s has a multi-zone display function which allows users to update content and edit new content at anytime. It gives the users full control over which content to display in each zone. Users may now easily combine news, weather and sports with advertisement running in the middle. Operators can show a TV program in the center zone and run ads in the adjacent zones.
Streaming text can be updated every minute    
XML data is also constantly updated
  Resolution for P1-P4 is 225x184 and P5 is 800x136
There are various templates available for choices.  
  * Cable TV function requires installation of TN01 : TV tuner card.
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