Why CornDigital?

Advantages of Networked Digital Signage Solution - Ceres-86

(1) Less power consumption: Ceres-86 will only require 50W instead of PC’s minimum 300W power consumption. Annually each Ceres-86 will reduce 1102 lb (500 kg) CO2 dispense.

(2) Lower media production cost: Ceres-86’s DMP technology comes with 4 independent scales. Video, images are input zone by zone separately thus no pre-render needed, It saves lots of manual editing and rendering time.

(3) Support breaking news (videos): Ceres-86 features the input by zone without pre-render' function, which allows users to easily insert videos that are not in a playlist such as breakings news or limited time sales promotion information (ex. Bar’s happy hour promotion ...etc.).

Corndigital’s Ceres-86 series have adopted DMP (“Digital Media Processor”) solution rather than traditional Personal Computer (PC)’s CPU. DMP is a high performance audio/video decoder processor, unlike PC’s CPU which does not equip audio/video hardware and will need additional software or hardware display card to support required display.

DMP provides hardware render features. For multi-zone display, just input each video/image content as desired. Generally PC solution does not support object hardware feature, and will need to pre-render video/image content for multi-zone display. It’s thus most PC digital signage has to install video editing software on computer for rendering function. Nevertheless, when there are a lot (ex. Over 100) different video/images required for display application, you might need to render many (example as over 100) times, while it’s not easy to have multi-person co-work together for such editing. On the other hand, there are some PC DS vendors who provide solution to render video/image on each player, however it will increase player’s CPU loading and cause player crash easily.


Ceres-86 DMP H/W Render Block

Ceres-86 DMP

Sample Templates

Multizone Display


Remark 1 :The calculation was based on Taiwan’s electricity supply which each 1W will dispense 0.00069kg Co2. Each country’s figures might be different depending on their electricity generator. Personal Computer was calculated as 300W basing on P4 processor :(300-50) x 0.00069kg x 8 Hours x 365 days = 503.7 Kg

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