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Digital Poster Menu Board

Corn Digital is proud to provide our economical and green digital signage solutions for small businesses. Easy and simple to implement, no software installation needed and no CF card plug in-n-out. Simply load content through the web and done! Use our MS-1000 Sign Server for content, playlist, and schedule management to communicate effectively with targeted audiences. Such digital signage solution is ideal for store digital poster, digital menu board, lobbies, retail floors, and more...

65" Digital Poster Display
Ceres-650 Digital Poster

- Corn Digital's 65" Digital Poster Display is the simple and economy turnkey solution to boost revenues and brand image.
- Free Standing Kiosk Style.
- Perfect instore marketing display for retail locations, hospitalities, entertainment, theaters, doctors' offices, shopping centers to name a few.


MS-1000 Sign Server Solution
MS-1000 Sign Server
- Local buffer resolves limited bandwidth and unstable connection
- Synchronize data on local and main server
- Reduce cost and manage control locally
- Perfect digital signage for regional venues, such as regional retail locations, restaurants and banks and movies theaters to name a few.


About Us

The Corn Digital team has 20 years combined experiences in designing and deploying PC-based applications. Below are some highlights of our collective experiences:


Founded and led one of the largest IPC companies

Held executive positions in publicly held companies
Managed all technical & manufacturing operations

Our team is dedicated to help you develop a completely integrated digital signage system solutions from scratch. We stand for bringing industrial PC components to industrial system applications. We come to work each day to increase your productivity, sales, and save you money, through innovation and dedication.

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Your Guide to Digital Out-Of-Hom Media
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Why CornDigita? Corndigital's Ceres-86 series have adopted the greener DMP (Digital Media Processor) solution...
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In-Store Marketing at work!
What is Digital Signage?
Digital Signage Benefits - Boost your sales revenues and increase your brand image with Corndigital's latest POP Digital Signage solution for your In-Store Marketing campaigns...

CornDigital Business Model
Our team specialized in providing digital signage system components for integration applications in corporate, retail marketing, education, entertainment, restaurant, and more...


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