Corn Digital's Menu Board Solutions
Corn Digital's Menu Board solution provides business the ability to use animation, full-motion video and state-of-the-art graphics to inform patrons of menu selections while waiting in line.

Digital Menu Board




- Daily scheduling of auto on/off control
- 24hour content management using SignageNow
- Instant Messaging Scroll
- Various Screen Tempalates





* FLEXIBILITY - Instead of one static image, digital meunu boards can highlight many items, and feature multiple slides or dynamic graphics to capture the attention of customers.
  * TIME SAVING - No more climbing to strip in lettering and no more waiting to print, mail or pick up! Content is sent via the Internet or played from a media card. Chages can be created and sent using a PC within minutes. Price-points, video and graphics can be changed weekly, daily, or hourly with SignageNow.
  * COST SAVING - Since there is no more shipping or print processing, you save! Content is generated on a PC, nothing to print, mail, or pickup providing big savings. And unlike prints, if there is a mistake, a correction can be made in minutes and cost nothing more.

Additional Key Benefits


- Seasonal and specialty items can be featured and removed within minutes
- Daypart Menu Capabilities: breakfast can seamlessly be changed to Lunch Menu and segue into the Dinner Menu

- Revenue Opportunity: Ask your CornDigital Representative for ways to make your digital signage system create new revenue streams for your business.


Available Models

Plug and Play for small business, Networked Series for mid-size business, and Sign Server for enterprise solutions.


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