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Interactive Marketing Display
Corn Digital's Menu Board solution provides business the opportunity to use animation, full-motion video and state-of-the-art graphics to touch your customers.
interactive marketing display


Experience the product
Educate and draw potential customers with fun and dynamic interactive buttons.
Brand Value
Enhance brand recognition through a new interactive medium.
Provide a self-paced independent learning environment for your customers, and lessen the burden on the staff.
10-17" All-In-One
Ceres-100R 10" Mini Digital Poster
Shelf POP IR Activat Marketing Display
Ceres-171R 17" Dynamic POP Sign
In-store POP IR Interactive Marketing Display
Customized Design
Ceres-171RI 17" Interactive POP Sign
In-store POP Keypad Interactive Marketing Display
Ceres-171RI 17" Interactive POP Sign
Networked X86 Interactive Digital Media Player
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